ae2ab Association d'Exploitation
Aérodrome d'Abbeville Buigny

The aircraft owners as well as all the regular users nare invited to pay their fixed contribution for this new season at same price as 2011

The trust finished the year 2011 with a positive balance. Thanks to all those who support our work in a way to maintain our nice airfield remain open for a long time to the pilots coming to discover our beautifull region.

AE2AB is a trust under « 1901 law » founded on 1rst january 2011 to take in charge the organisation and maintenance of the airfield after the chamber of commerce asked us to take the organisation.
The trust hold Users who are based :

To who this site is dedicated ?

To the regular users of the airfield and the visiting crews who could find interesting topics about the help and services they can ask for as well as usefull informations about where to go and where to stay in the area.


No more sheep on the Abbeville airfield ! The french CAA, who was seeing nothing about this local use, has decided to implement with all the strenght of the law which forbid this use. Sad for our trust which will need to use mechanical ways to mow instead of sheep ...

The trust has developped an important maintenance work and a total check up.

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